In-House Expertise: The Final Frontier of Optimization?

house iconI recently moved from the world of consulting to the world of “in-house” marketing optimization. While my reasons for switching career direction after 5 years on the ‘service provider’ side are numerous, I wanted to take this opportunity to discuss A) why I chose to go “in-house” and B) why I believe that in-house optimization expertise should be the ultimate, long-term goal for online marketing organizations. Continue reading

Images Blocked Email of the Month: June 2012

groupon email with images blockedYes, another month is upon us, which means that it’s time for another installment of “Images Blocked Email of the Month”!

This post is different, though. After several months of bashing email marketers for not optimizing their emails for image suppression, I thought it would be refreshing to highlight and praise some email marketers that are doing a good job in this area. Continue reading