Shocker: Usability Guru Undervalues A/B Testing

glam shot of jakob nielson

Jakob Nielson

Usability testing guru Jakob Nielson recently published an interesting comparison between A/B Testing, Usability Testing, and Radical Innovation. Despite my somewhat sensational headline for this post, it truly is worth a read, and I have great respect for Mr. Nielson. Not only has he been making the Web less frustrating for all of us to use for a long time, he also has sweet sideburns.

The article compares three methods of “achieving better design” in terms of cost, benefit, cadence, risk, and more. Continue reading

How To Optimize Customer Testimonials Part 1: A Framework

The wonderful thing about testimonials is that they have the ability to increase conversion rates across a wide variety of applications: direct-response landing pages, B2B lead generation, eCommerce, etc.

Study after study has indicated that when we make purchase decisions, we listen to our friends and peers more than we listen to “experts.” Our social networks carry an amazing amount of authority, and testimonials tap into the authority of the crowd and give us ‘social proof‘ that our peers vouch for a product or service.

When I think about optimizing customer testimonials on client websites (which is quite often), I break my efforts down into 4 categories: Content, Authenticity, Placement, and Presentation (CAPP). The good news is that all 4 are great things to make a part of your ongoing testing efforts, either in isolation, or combined in a multivariate approach! Continue reading