Images Blocked Email of the Month: May 2012

virgin images blocked screenshotIt’s hard to believe it’s already been a month since my last post highlighting the sins of email design. This month’s “wall of shame” winner comes from Virgin Airlines.

You may like their on-demand ordering system, you may like their wi-fi, or you may even like their flight attendants, but if you have images blocked by your email client, you will NOT like their emails! [click to enlarge].

The subject line of this example email is actually pretty good. It showcases personalization (my home airport), urgency (2 day sale), specificity (price), and call to action (“Grab”). It’s pretty much a clinic in subject line writing.

But, looking at the email without the images downloaded is a nightmare of red and blue links with no clear eye path and no discernible call to action.

I repeat:

Email marketers: Assume that your emails will be viewed with images blocked. Test your emails with images blocked. Put yourself in the recipients shoes, with images blocked, and ask: What’s in it for me?

Have some more atrocious/humorous examples? Email them to me at, and maybe I’ll put them in my ongoing “wall of shame”!

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