Conversion-Friendly Website Redesigns Need these 7 Factors

numeral sevenThose who’ve worked with me know that I’m not a fan of website redesign projects. I much prefer testing and incremental change.

Why? Because I’ve been involved in website redesign projects that were catastrophes, and many of my clients have admitted that they engaged my expertise in conversion rate optimization because they redesigned and their new site converted worse than their old one!

But, once in a while, a redesign is the right course of action. Maybe it’s part of a re-branding effort, maybe it’s simply a “political” requirement, or maybe the current site will require so much work to optimize that it’s not cost-efficient.

If you find yourself heading down the path of a redesign project, there are factors that your team can focus on to ensure that the redesigned site does more than just look nice in browsers on devices. It needs to perform as part of your marketing system and help your company achieve business goals! Building these 7 factors into your project will set you up for success. Continue reading